Individual coaching is a process and journey where one of our certified and accredited Strengthsfinder coaches will sit with you as an individual and do a minimum of a one 2hour coaching session on a one to one basis. This process can only take place after you’ve done your Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment and received your results. Reading your results will give you information about your talent themes.

Strengthsfinder is designed to be a practical tool for individuals, however without the coaching component; it merely becomes a fun pop quiz with little to zero impact. The process of understanding your strengths; spend time with an accredited coach who will help you discover the profound impact of your Top 5 talents. 

There are 2 stages to this coaching process, each individual can choose up to which stage they would like to go. After each stage you will get short video clips and more reading material to help you understand your talents better.

Stage 1: Education (2 hours)

The coach will sit with you and explain the exact detail of each of your strengths as well as the impact each strength has on the other strengths and how the dynamics of your strengths work. Each combination sequence of strengths is completely different to another person’s top 5 strengths sequence. After the Education stage you will also know exactly which one of your top 5 strengths is your main strength and which one gets you going.

Stage 2: Implementation (1 hour per session)

This is the stage where after your first 2 hour session you’ll have a minimum of 2 implementation sessions. This will give you a chance to fully embrace and develop your strengths in every area and role of your life.

With these sessions the coach will direct you in detail on how you need and can implement each of your strengths in the different roles you portrait in life. The coach will also give you a lot of practical suggestion which will fit with your life’s roles, demands and responsibilities specifically.


What you’ll benefit from individual coaching:

  - 1 in 33million people have the exact same top 5 strengths sequence as you and it is thus important to understand how your specific sequence works

- You’ll get a detail understanding of where your strengths lie

-You’ll understand why you do things the way you do them

- You’ll understand why you buy and spend time on certain things

- You’ll be able to understand, identify with and embrace each of your strengths

  - You’ll know how to apply your strengths in each area of your life to experience a more fulfilled and wellbeing life.

- You’ll be more confident in who you are

- Your personal and work relationships will improve


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