With Group coaching the coach works with a group of people in any environment. It can be in the work place, students groups, couples etc. The group should not be more than 12-15 people.

Before group coaching can take place each member of the team had to have gone through the 2 stages of Individual coaching. This is important because as an individual you first have to understand your own talents before you’re able to give your best input to the team. A team assessment will be made by the coach and team leader to identify the areas in which coaching is most important. The amount of sessions will depend on each teams need but a minimum of 4 sessions are expected of each team in order for the team to achieve their goals. This is a strengths journey and not a quick fix solution.

During the group sessions the coach will focus on the teams identified areas but also on team engagement, accepting and embracing each other’s strengths on the team, using each other’s strengths to accomplish different tasks and roles, laying a foundation on how to achieve the teams goal or goals through strengths and putting strategies in place to keep implementing each individuals strengths.

We can break all of these outcomes in to different stages:

Stage 1: Knowing Yourself

Stage 2: Partnerships

Stage 3: The Team

Stage 4: Making the most of the teams strengths

Stage 5: Team Activities

Stage 6: Commitment

What you as a team will benefit from group coaching:

-     Each team member will be motivated towards the team goal

-     Each team member will want to come to work because it has become a place of acceptance and a place where they can use their strengths

-     Each team member will be more confident in themselves as well as their work

-     Team engagement will enhance

-     Team production will grow

-     The team will have a strengths focus mindset and not a weakness fixing mindset

-     Strategies will be set in place where the team can accomplish their goals in such a way that is empowering and exciting for each team member

-     The team will work together to achieve and maintain their goals

-     You’ll also have all the benefits that are mentioned underneath individual coaching

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