The Executive coaching consist of coaching you on your 34 Strengths. We have Full 34 qualified and accredited Strengthsfinder coaches. There are only 15 of them in the country. The coach, with your help will explain to you each of your dominant talents in detail; these are the talents that come most naturally to you and that you use the most. The coach will also coach you on your supporting talents; these are the talents which appear on your talent sequence after your dominant talents.

The coach will explain to you the traits, misunderstandings and mismanagement of each of your dominant and supporting talents. The coach will also give you valuable insight in how to properly manage each talent and to transform it into a strength. The effect of each talent on your sequence and the dynamics of your talents will also be discussed in detail.

You will also be coached on how to use your dominant and supporting strengths to manage around your weaknesses as well as a lot of practical suggestions will be given to you which you can apply in each area of your life.

The coaching will also give you insight in to how you can achieve your goals and success through your strengths, how you can find happiness in the things you do and how you can finally make peace with who you are.

All this information in the Executive coaching can be a bit overwhelming if not done in enough sessions, for this reason a minimum of 2 sessions (4 hours) are required when coaching you on your 34 talents.


What you’ll benefit from Executive coaching:

-  You will develop personally and professionally

-   You’ll be more confident

-   You’ll be more productive because you’ll be focussing on your strengths

-   You’ll embrace who you are and be proud of who you are

-   You’ll understand why you do the things that you do

-   How you spend money and time on certain things

-   Your personal and profession relationships will improve

-   You’ll understand, identify with and embrace each of your talents

-   You will know your dominant and leadership style

-   You will know your weaknesses, accept them and not try to fix them

-   You will understand how your talents play out in conflict situations


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