Our StrengthsExplorer coaching is specifically for kids between the ages of 10 and 14. The coach will coach the child individually on his top 3 talents and help the child to fully understand each talent in a fun and exciting way. Our qualified and accredited Strengths Explorer coaches are trained to work specifically with children. There are only 8 of them in the country. 

The coach will first have an evaluation session with the child to identify how many sessions are needed and what should be the focus areas. After the first session the coach will sit with one or both of the parents and explain the process and how many sessions are needed for the child to fully embrace and develop each strength. The coach will also explain to the parents what’s expected from them to help the child in this process.

In the coaching process with the child the coach will work through a booklet specifically designed for children to help them relate, accept and embrace their talents. They will also be given suggestions on how they can start to apply each talent in a way that is fun and enjoyable to them. The whole process is a very practical coaching process; through this the child will enjoy the coaching a lot more and also remember what he or she learned.

After the first coaching session with the child the parents will also be given a booklet which will give them some practical suggestions in how they can help the child to embrace their talents and also be proud of each talent. There are a lot of practical exercises that the parents and the child can do together which will help build the relationship and also communicate to the child that you are proud and accepting of his or her talents.

What your child will benefit from the StrengthsExplorer coaching:

-  Your child will accept and embrace who they are

-  They will be proud of who they are

-  They will be more confident and happy

-  You as the parent will have practical ways in how to embrace their talents

-  Conflict in the house will calm down because the child will understand himself better and the parents will have a better idea of who the child is and what motivates them

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