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+ What�s the Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment all about?

+ Where did the Strengths idea come from?

+ Why should I get coaching and not only do the Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment?

+ What is the credibility of the Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment?

+ Is it a lot of homework after each session?

+ If I�m not comfortable with the coach can I get a different coach?

+ If I don�t enjoy the process can I stop and get my money back?

+ Do I have to have the Individual coaching before I can get the Executive coaching?

+ Can I pay monthly or do I have to pay it all at once?

+ I�ve done a lot of personal assessments and coaching, what makes this process any different?

+ If I�ve done other assessments can I share the information with you so that you can incorporate it in to our sessions?

+ I�ve done my Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment more than a year ago, can you still coach me?

+ Where does the coaching take place?

+ Is coaching via Skype an option?

+ How much does each coaching process cost?

+ How do I get hold of the Strengthsfinder assessment?

+ How do I know if the coaching process will actually work for me?

+ What will I learn from the coaching process?

+ What do I do after I�ve done the assessment?

+ How much does the career guidance cost?

+ Do I have to pay the career guidance upfront or can I pay it off monthly?

+ Can more than one person do the career guidance at the same time?

+ How long does the career assessment take?

+ Can I do the career assessment in any country?

+ What�s the next step?

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