Individual coaching is a process and journey where one of our certified and accredited Strengthsfinder coaches will sit with you as an individual and do a minimum of a one 2hour coaching session on a one to one basis. This process can only take place

With Group coaching the coach works with a group of people in any environment. It can be in the work place, students groups, couples etc. The group should not be more than 12-15 people. Before group coaching can take place each member of the team

The Executive coaching consist of coaching you on your 34 Strengths. We have Full 34 qualified and accredited Strengthsfinder coaches. There are only 15 of them in the country. The coach, with your help will explain to you each of your domi

Our StrengthsExplorer coaching is specifically for kids between the ages of 10 and 14. The coach will coach the child individually on his top 3 talents and help the child to fully understand each talent in a fun and exciting way. Our qualified and ac

One of our services at iwantcoaching is career guidance; this specific service can only be used if you live in South-Africa. This service is specifically put together for kids, students and adults who don’t know what they should be doing career
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