Thank you Chantel from iwantcoaching for being such a great coach and mentor to me.You truly are gifted and it is clear that the Strengthsfinder coaching is your passion in life.

Your Strengthsfinder coaching leaded to a greater understanding of my talents and you helped me to maximize and focus on the strengths that make me unique. You are a great motivator and listener,and you are an excellent example of someone who capitalises on her strengths and in return use them to help others do the same. Chantel,your Strengthsfinder coaching is one of,if not the best investments I have ever made.

I have no hesitation in recommending your coaching to anyone looking to understand how their strengths can positively impact their own,and the lives of those around them.

Janine Strydom ---- Human Resource Consultant (2012)

Johan is loaded with intellectual capital and has a great coaching style.I really recommend the Strengthsfinder approach,it's proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Ian Rheeder MD of Markitects (2012)

First of all, I want to comment on Johan personally. He has exceptional interpersonal and social skills, knowledge and is very approachable. His coaching had an extremely positive impact on my life and I will always be thankful for the hard work he invested in me. Johan is a consummate professional who is able to work with both individuals (like myself) and teams within an organization (like my husband’s team). He draws upon his knowledge and skills to produce a more productive workplace and helped me to become a better ‘me’. He positively impacts levels of interest, motivation and achievement and promote a lifelong appreciation of how unique every human being is.

To start with I had to take the StrengthsFinder test to enable Johan to coach me correctly and effectively. To be honest, after taking the test I wasn't too thrilled with the results. My first thought was, "I'm not sure who took these tests, but whoever it was, they must be the most dull person on the planet.” A week or so later, I met with Johan who patiently listened to my annoyed denial of all that this test said of me. With kindness and insight, he guided me through the reasons I was rejecting the results, and graciously refocused me on the aspects of my nature I long since had forgotten or buried. After our time, I had a new sense of understanding as to why I do some of the things I do, and what makes me tick. I have greater confidence in who I am, and what I am good at. Furthermore, I understand with more clarity the things I need to work on which will produce the highest net yield both personally and professionally.

After receiving the results and reading through the descriptions, I was reminded about the complexities of me. The results reminded me again of what I do best, where I thrive, and where I do not. I got more out of that hour and a half than possibly any other comparable time invested in my life. We not only discussed the results of StrengthsFinder, but we applied them to my life. We talked about situations that would allow me to focus on my strengths. Johan coached me through real-life situations that helped me see where my behaviours revealed themselves and others where they were capable of being revealed.

Johan helped me discover that what I possibly viewed as a weakness in my life could absolutely be used to my advantage and turned into a strength. He helped me learn that my competitive nature might prevent me to see the small conquests in my daily tasks, and to remember that as I go.

What differentiates Johan from every other person I have worked with before is that he carefully listened and asked questions to ascertain my specific needs and unique combination of strengths. He was my coach for about 3 months and my experience with him was amazing! He is an excellent listener, asks thought provoking questions and was willing to challenge me when necessary. I appreciated his professional, yet personal attention during our sessions. He did a great job of summarizing our sessions, detailing my specific strengths and holding me accountable for my deliverables. He assisted me in dealing with some difficult issues and I will always appreciate his support. And probably most importantly, Johan helped me learn how to apply all of this not only personally, but in my marriage as well.

I highly recommend Johan and his coaching expertise to any individual or company.

- Nicci Coertze

October 2012

I have the pleasure of knowing,and working with Johan Oosthuizen since September 2011.More recently,Johan assisted me with implementing Strengthsfinder in my branch that consists of 18 Financial Advisors.Johan is an amazing person,who constantly comes up with new ideas for developing my business,useful tools for implementing those ideas and energy and motivation to get the job done.

I would recommend his services to anyone who wants to take their business development efforts to the next level and who is not afraid of being held accountable for their efforts.Johan is a great coach and an inspirational person.

All Johan's session were completely "hands on" and positively evaluated by my entire team.They commented on the thorough scope,organization,high quality,and user friendliness of Johan's coaching.They found the coaching sessions fun,motivating,and energizing,and left with the confidence and knowledge to begin the implementation of their strengths.Many shared successes as they used the tools and knowledge attained from Johan to develop their businesses and use their strengths to increased levels of interest,motivation,comprehension and improving their selling skills.

Johan's customer service was exemplary throughout the entire process and he tailored each session to that specific person's needs and objectives.He provided follow-up information,articles and website references as well as Gallup's Newsletter which I find to be very interesting and informative.

Johan is definitely more than a 'business consultant'.he's a teacher in the true sense of the word.And he's taught me and my team a lot about working together effectively.About delegating work to people who do it better than you.About celebrating each other's successes.And about taking over activities from others when you know it'll be a cakewalk for you.

So you're sceptical.You might think that this is so much executive coaching and teambuilding hoo-ha.But it's so much more.Call Johan.Let him work his magic-yes,it's a mixture of art and science.Johan is honest,direct,and he honours people's differences.Ironically enough,this itself is a differentiator.

Strengthsfinder ranked all of my strengths yet showed me my weaker strengths as well.The strengths analysis are all about celebrating the positive,but I did find it helpful to know my weaker strengths because they help me identify and turn away from major commitments that require those strengths.

It's remarkable how all my personal goals and dreams already encompassed so many of my strengths,and I didn't realize it.The more I grow in those strengths and my belief system,it just keeps getting better and better.

It's with great pleasure that I recommend Johan Oosthuizen.During my association with him he has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility,and professionalism.His excellent judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to clients and this in return gives them a sense of trust in the endeavor to ascertain what their strengths are.

As I've mentioned ,I've used Johan personally and with my team,and we all left the experience having more wisdom about ourselves and each other.And gratitude.When do you find a group of grateful employees these days,anyway?

I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement,both personally and as a Liberty Life Branch manager.Call Johan.You may not have a problem.Yet.But he can help you.

Stefan Coertze

Branch Manager

Liberty Life

Pretoria B-Agency

05 October 2012

Johan this is a letter to thank you for the opportunity to introduce me to the talents and coaching program since 2004.

The positive impact results since then is just on going and it is once again time to say thank you for a good relationship between you and I that had developed since and during the implementation of the talent coaching services. When a product or service get so positively imprinted in someone’s life, like my very own, it demonstrates the effectiveness as well as the meaningfulness of your service.

Johan your contribution towards me regarding your product and services has influenced my life in total for the better. It not only changed my life in one direction but surely in various ways and means. When you understand who you are and what you want out of life,it must be seen as a precious gift and I am currently enjoying the benefits from this gift. Not only is it beneficial to know who you are but simultaneously your talent course and coaching assisted me in understanding other people around me in particular my own family.

On a scale of zero to 100 percent, my life changed day by night very close to the optimum. It is sad that we as people could not get the knowledge of your services in earlier years of our life.

Johan it will be only a pleasure for me to refer people to you who can benefit from your program.

Kind regards

Freddie Snijman (Business owner )

Dear Johan and Chantel 12 October 2012

RE: Strengthsfinder program

Herewith please accept our huge thanks for the difference that you,through the Strengthsfinder program,have made to Media in Africa as a company as well at what it has done for each and every employee.

The 12 month program that we have followed with you has brought with it a new environment here at our office.People are more confident,for the first time they know who they are and where their competencies lie.New relationships have been build and teams have been working even better together.

As a management team we have learned new skills on how to better utilise our human resources and it certainly helps with our recruitment and allocating workflow.It is very refreshing for all to have made the mind shift from "what am I weak at" to rather focus on "what value do I have that is unique"

This program has certainly been ironed into our culture and we will take the strengths philosophy with us for many years to come.The positivity that this bring is absolutely contagious.

Thanks again for bringing this value to our company!We would refer you to other companies in a heartbeat.

All the best.

MIA Management team

Eileen Herreilers (Strengthsfinder coaching 2012)

I,ve worked with Eileen on two occasions now and really enjoyed both interactions as it challenged my thinking and understanding of who I am and how this impact my interaction with colleagues,family and friends.Her approach focus on helping me to identify my strengths and use that as departure point.I find this refreshing and exciting in that it creates such a different perspective on everyday life.Eileen's positive personality and approach supports her work ethic and I believe this adds to the experience.A must have experience for everyone interested in creating some thinking space.

Carol Tuner/Senior HR Manager/Group Internal Audit/LTS Mutual Park/Pinelands/Cape-Town.

Eileen Herreilers (Strengthsfinder coaching 2012)

My assessment of the coaching provided by Eileen is extremely positive.Her spontaneous character makes her easy to get along with,and she creates an atmosphere where the participant can relax and talk openly.She is clearly very knowledgeable in her field of expertise but her easy-going manner never makes her consulting sessions a theoretic or painful exercise.I have personally found much benefit form both the group classes and the individual coaching sessions,so I would highly recommend Eileen's work.

Frans Roos / Chief Professional Services Officer/Fundamo/A Visa Company.

Re:Strengthsfinder coaching 2010

Hi Johan

Here is to thanking you for being such a great and highly entertaining colleaque and coach to me.

How I loved our monthly meetings! Not only is your positive energy contagious,but you had the ability to show me and help me embrace and nurture parts of my own talents that I never consciously knew existed.That gave me so much inspiration on how to manage my business and in turn how to help my clients better.You have helped me to developed parts of who I am in such a way that I can and am really making a difference in the world today.

Also your willingness to go the extra mile for me,all the resources you gave me and all the people you connected me with:in life and business---that is just priceless.

I've been active in the personal development industry for many years,and I have seen and interacted with many personal development and talent coaches,but you....are in a leaque of your own.

You're great fun to be around.

You're incredibly resourceful

You're caring in a no-nonsense kind of way and most importantly---you know how to make the invisible,visible.

You're a star!

Marja Botha van Doorn

Personal and business coach

Ilse Karsten

Re: Strengthsfinder coaching.

Since I have done the Strengthsfinder test I am not only more aware of how I function and grow,but also how other people's strengths can be put to great use.

My number one strengths is developer and I just love it to spot and develop the potential in others.One of my other strengths is connectedness and I have been able to connect multitudes of people with one another that really resulted in wonderful business networks and strong friendships.

It is truly amazing to realise how unique God has created each one of us and be able to make a difference

Yolande Nunes

Reani Bieldt

Re- ( Strengthsfinder coaching )

I just wanted to let you know that our session was a real eye opener for me.I have always wondered why I feel the way I feel sometimes and after our coaching session,I understand why.Thank you so much.I need to book another session with you.

Kgomotso Maapola

Quality Assurance Manager

Reani Bieldt

Re- ( Strengthsfinder coaching )

Learning about my strengths and how to use them together lead me to realise that the things I dream of are indeed achievable.I also feel more comfortable with myself and more confident in my work place.

Sarah-Jane Olivier

Teacher & Author

Re: Strengthsfinder and sales coaching. ( January 2013 )

Dear Johan.

Thank you for your amazing advice and access to your sales knowledge.You have unique insight into the sales profession and more specifically the life insurance industry which made my sessions with you incredibly valuable.The Strengthsfinder angle makes the whole process extremely comprehensive and quite life changing.Your easy supportive manner has made me feel comfortable to discuss any relevant concerns.

With your help I have been able to stress less,get more organised and yet still achieve my goal of becoming and Executive Financial Advisor in 2012.I have regained some sanity back into my life and now spend a lot more time with my husband and daughter.The changes in my work life as well as my home life has been significant.The most important thing is that I am healthy,happy and looking forward to an even more successful 2013 with my new methods and processes.

Juanita Doolan

Executive Financial Advisor

Liberty Life

Strengthsfinder coaching August 2011

I discovered a great deal about myself and the way I approach work and live.A Great tool and a equally great "coach".

Sonja is highly professional without being cold or clinical.A good all round experience that I definitely would recommend.

Christo van Tonder


Sonja--Strengthsfinder coaching May 2011

Sonja,s level of authenticity is what makes her a fabulous coach.The process was very well managed and she ensured that I felt safe and comfortable during the session.

She was very good at letting me explore the answers and where I was unsure of the answers,a gentle probe was initiated to help me.

The StrengthsFinder was a validation of many psychometric test that I have been subject to during the past year or two.

Ryk Croukamp

Change Manager


Sonja Blignaut-- Strengthsfinder coaching Feb 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed the session.Having done numerous assessments and feedback sessions before,I did not expect to have so much fun and insight.My talents are not new to me but the approach used here is new to me and refreshing.The way my talents compliment ( and otherwise) each other was insightful and also how they sometimes drain energy as to provide energy when "mismanaged".

Chris van der Merwe

Nedbank Business Banking