Unless indicated otherwise pre-registration is required for the workshop and seating is limited. Clients are advised to reconfirm the workshop date and time listed on this website as they are occasionally subject to last-minute change.

Iwantcoaching has an amazing workshop called OKAY, I'VE REVIEWED MY TOP FIVE THEMES. NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? WHATS NEXT? The topic of the workshop says it all, the 5 hour workshop is specifically customized for individuals who have done the Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment and don’t know what the next step is!

Strengthsfinder is designed to be a practical tool for individuals, however without the coaching component; it merely becomes a fun, pop quiz with little to zero impact. The process of understanding your strengths; spend time with an accredited coach who will help you to discover the profound impact of your Top 5 talents.

This workshop will be the stepping stone to individual coaching; it’s for those individuals who are not yet sure if they want the coaching but they would like to have something in between the coaching and the assessment!

The workshop will give you a broad idea of what you can do with your particular strengths and how you can use them in different parts and roles of your life. This will be an interactive, developmental workshop that is sure to inspire you, build your confidence and impact your life.

Prior to attending the workshop each attendee is asked to take the strengthsfinder assessment and submit their results to the facilitator and or Iwantcoaching. In addition to your personal strengthsfinder report that you received on-line, you will receive the following at the workshop

1. A guide for strengths-based discussions at home and work.

2. Laminated card of your own top 5 talents and their uniqueness.

Topics of the workshop will include:

25 min Strengths DVD from Marcus Buckingham

Strengths Building versus Weakness Fixing.

Understanding the nature of talent

5 Clues to Talent

Getting the most out of your Clifton Strengthsfinder report

4 Talent clusters

The Core of understanding Strengths

Identifying the specific roles of certain Talent Themes

Different paths to the same destination

Performance management and strengths

What about my Weaknesses.

Your talents every day.

Relationships and talents

Whom do you partner with at work and why?

Your unique contribution in a team using your strengths.

The workshop can be done for any organization, company, school or a group with non related individuals from different walks of life. The workshop will give you that edge on what the next step is and how to put your strengths to work. It’s not as in depth as the coaching but you’ll definitely get more than enough information as well as practical application examples to get you started on your strengths journey.

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction-John F Kennedy This workshop will give you the direction needed to not only start but to also carry on with your strengths journey.

Next workshop (Facilitator: Johan Oosthuizen)

We can do the workshop at your company in Gauteng.

08h30-13h30 Workshop

Cost. R500 per person/ R700 per couple

What you’ll benefit from the workshop

- You’ll have a place where you can start your strengths journey

- You’ll develop yourself personally and professionally

- You’ll have practical ways that you can implement for your specific strengths